Some kind words:

“(Critics’ Pick) A beautiful tapestry of folk, indie and glam rock, grounded by his engaging vocal capacities. Do yourself a favor and check out his Be Brave debut.”
-Time Out New York

“Completely alluring…as if he polished Bowie’s uncertain shrieks and hollers into a marbled, intrepid sheen. A feat in and of itself, Berger recorded the album entirely by himself while still producing something as grand, spacious and ambitious as Be Brave tends to be… theatrical, multi-layered vocal harmonies shine throughout the album, telling stories of love, nature, cities and people in a remarkably engaging way. Auditorium is beginning to make waves in LA and beyond – get on board now before your friends are barking at you about it in a few months.”
-I Guess I’m Floating

“I had one of those thrilling “tell all your friends about this band immediately” moments that leads to a series of mass gchat and facebook linking…there’s an inherent and unrelenting beauty in Be Brave that is impossible to ignore.”

“Gentle pop bliss.”
-You Ain’t No Picasso

“There’s delicacy in his deft approach, with his sweeping vocals and ornate acoustic settings rekindling memories of Mike Love and the Beach Boys.”
-M Music & Musicians Magazine

“A one man terror…he played all the parts, the most striking of which is his opera-trained voice, layered and woven into indelible harmonies and tucked neatly into velvety production…full of whismy and wit.”
-Kevin Bronson, Buzz Bands

-Music Vagabond

“Be Brave comes on like a Bowie/Mercury lovechild, reminding the world that it once was cool to be grandiloquent, and could be again…This is bold music, and a bold statement for a debut LP, effortlessly rising to its own titular challenge.”

“One of the freshest releases of the year…Wonderfully engrossing.”
-Culture Catch

“Unique as hell…Berger creates a sound unlike anything else…Across all its tracks Berger imbues Be Brave with a sense of elegance and panache.”
-Glide Magazine.

“The work of an introverted genius…A rich tapestry of heroism, hope and ultimately beautiful music…After five days of listening to it on repeat I’m still not bored.”
-The Justin Wayne Show

“Part theatrical, part angelic…Rests itself comfortably on a higher plane.”
-Sick of the Radio

“A genre-defying stunner.”
-Best New Bands

“I reckon that it was genius.”
-Recharged Radio

“Among the most creative [music] being produced today- a truly engaging sound that can’t be categorized by a genre.”

“With little more than an acoustic guitar and his own multi-tracked vocals, Berger evokes such glittering space cadets of yore as Bowie, Donovan, Marc Bolan & Freddie Mercury.”

“Four Stars…Extraordinary…Berger’s got a knack for making the most out of his minimalism…A most impressive first album, by any standard.”

“Quivering, unearthly…variety to spare, from the glammy ‘Girls Will Love Your Lips’ to the folksy dirge of ‘New York Sky’.”
-Modern Tonic

“Entirely wonderful.”
-John Shelton Ivany’s Top 21

“It’s like seeing something that gives you a better appreciation of life. Listening to Be Brave…you do end up feeling brave & uplifted.”

“It only takes 2:03 to realize how perfect this all is.”

“Probably one of the best male vocalists I’ve ever heard in my life.”
-California Diner

“Gorgeous…This is an album for sitting by the fire, drinking hot cocoa and making out. Fantastic music for fantastic things.”
-Slacker Sounds

“This will be award-winning.”
-The Justin Wayne Show

“A ‘vocalist’s vocalist.’ It’s just incredible.”
-Twirl Radio

“The best music of ’10 that first appeared in ’09.”

“Full of open spaces and possibility. It’s sincere without being syrupy and intimate without being self-conscious. It’s also subversively funny…watch his video for “I’m The Enforcer” as Berger (torso only) walks through the streets of L.A., enforcing kindness everywhere he goes. He’s a one-man-bedroom-band-musical-stimulus package.”
-Shawn Amos, GetBack

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