Auditorium: A Cheat Sheet

Auditorium is Spencer Berger.  You don’t have to call Spencer “Auditorium” in real life.  He’s not like The Edge.  In fact, if you called him “Auditorium,” he’d politely tell you to stop.

Auditorium’s debut album was called Be Brave.  Spencer made it over a three year period.  Don’t worry, he took plenty of breaks.  He released it at the beginning of 2011.

Auditorium’s most recent release is a 4-song EP entitled Nights Worth Living. 

A long time ago, Spencer sang at The Metropolitan Opera.  He doesn’t sing opera anymore, but he does listen to one section of Turandot obsessively.

He performs live with two other Bergers: his wife Daya (bass) and his sister Elizabeth (vocals).  Brother duo Jon (guitar, vocals) & Justin Hogan (piano, vocals) are also on the team, and drumming is handled by B.K. Etheridge or Scott Jarmel (depending on where in the universe Auditorium is performing).

Spencer is excited to be playing music with this particular collection of humans.  They are all very different and very wonderful.

Auditorium thinks you’re very different and very wonderful as well.

Art by William Baker